Simplified database management with Gabriel Diocese.


Standardize data collection across all parishes of your diocese.


Instantly deliver meaningful insights for better decisions and collaboration throughout the chancery.

Better support the ministries of your parishes

When you purchase Gabriel Diocese, all your churches get Gabriel Parish management software, which means:

  • Everyday parish tasks are streamlined, which increases productivity.
  • Multi-parish management for collaboratives is easy. No more duplicates!
  • Training is easier, because all staff are using the same tools and processes.
  • Having one system means fewer mistakes and less waste.
  • Data can be managed consistently across all parishes.

Better diocese database management

  • Having one system helps diocesan staff work together and support each other.
  • Diocesan-wide and parish-specific reporting helps staff better support, serve and coach parishes in their ministries.
  • Standardized data helps with pastoral planning and financial decisions.
  • Build stronger relationships with donors, prospective staff and prospective seminarians.
  • Staff transitions are less costly, and there’s greater continuity in your ministries.
“Gabriel’s technology has modernized our parishes. Having the ability to connect to a single data source allows us to utilize data in ways we were never able to before. All of our 156 parishes are now implemented on Gabriel. We look forward to a long relationship with Gabriel.”

— Deacon Conrad Kieltyka, IT Director, Diocese of Green Bay, WI

Easily manage diocesan stewardship and annual appeals campaigns.

With instant access to parish-level data, you can easily manage diocesan stewardship and your Annual Appeal. From pledges and contributions to generating statements, the mechanics of fundraising are about to get much easier.

And because operations are more effective and efficient, you’ll have more time to focus on data-driven market analysis and promotion.

Gabriel Appeals can be built into Gabriel Diocese or purchased as a stand-alone solution.

Gabriel Advisor is your trusted technology partner.

With Gabriel as your go-to church software and technology partner, you can get answers, suggestions and advice for any technology needs you may have, including:

Data standardization, privacy and security

Improve data quality and reporting, determine what data to collect/store and protect your systems.

IT project management

Ensure project success by leveraging Gabriel’s decades of project expertise.

Data warehousing

Access data more effectively for better financial decisions and planning.

Process design

Increase productivity and efficiency as you remove wasteful steps, streamline operations and leverage new software tools.

Data strategy

Align your data with your diocesan needs to successfully accomplish your strategic vision.

Diocesan best practices

Learn from others and get better results for your diocese without reinventing the wheel.

Upgrade your diocese's data management software.

Discover how easy and delightful diocesan management can be:

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