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Parishioner Relationship Management® White Paper

Gabriel recently released a white paper on Parishioner Relationship Management®, a new way to approach parish management. The Church isn’t a sales organization, but we do need sales (in our case, it is donations, volunteering, leadership, or new members) to continue our mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. These come from […]

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Gabriel Type 1 SOC 2 Audit Report Available

We are excited to announce A-lign has completed their Type 1 SOC 2 Audit of our controls relevant to Security and Availability.  This was an intense exercise for us and we are pleased with the results.  You can download the full report by clicking on the link below. GABRIEL TYPE 1 SOC 2 REPORT Type […]

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Parishioner Relationship Management

Parishioner Relationship Management® (PRM) by Gabriel Software looks to bring the concepts of Customer Relationship Management to the Church. PRM is driving everything we do here at Gabriel Software. It’s not just about collecting and storing data on parishioners anymore. It’s about RELATIONSHIPS! It’s about using that data to engage them and help them feel […]

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If you are a consumer (as opposed to commercial) customer of GABRIEL, you may direct us not to share, except as permitted by law, personal data other than your name, address and information about your transactions and experiences with us with our affiliates by emailing us…

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Our Master Services Agreement and External Facing Services Agreement…

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Gabriel Software is committed to conducting business with the highest standards for moral and ethical behavior.  If any customer, employee, partner or vendor feels that any Gabriel employee has not conducted themselves properly please email us your concerns at: This email only goes to the Managing Partner, Armand Brunelle and any claim sent will […]

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