Diocese of Burlington Vermont chooses Gabriel for all parishes!

Gabriel Software is looking forward to serving all 73 parishes in the Diocese of Burlington Vermont.  Gabriel was selected after an extensive  two-year product search process, and a panel of volunteers comprised of parish-level users, pastors, technical advisers and diocesan leadership to make the decision to contract with Gabriel.  The first two groups of parishes have gone live on Gabriel over the last few weeks.  The remaining parishes will come on board throughout the fourth quarter of 2018.

“We are beyond excited, and know that our decision will lead to simplistic contribution and data management at parishes, so that pastors and parish administration will have more time to focus on ministries and parish life,” said Shannon Tran, assistant director of development, appeals and operations for the Diocese of Burlington.

Previous desktop software had presented data management challenges as well as the need for additional parish-level platforms to manage other areas of ministry including online giving; that meant more cost and more work.  “We needed to search for web-based software, a market with very few options, unless we’re deciding to move out of the Church sector, which again leads to limitations on management and logistics,” Tran said. “Gabriel Software is a Catholic Company, with a substantial understanding of the diocesan and parish organizational model.”*

*  excerpts taken from Vermont Catholic foundation e-article – https://www.vermontcatholic.org/vermont/new-software-for-diocese-parishes/